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Virtually every engineering project begins with a written proposal, requires interim reports and culminates in a written summary. Professional success in engineering depends not only on the ability tapply the techniques of math and science tsolve problems, but alson the engineer's ability twrite those proposals and reports in a way that helps others understand the work." What does this mean for your student? · It means your student might not get intthe college of her choice if her A essay is of much lower quality than her admissions essay. · It means that students won't be able tfool admissions officers intthinking they have better skills by hiring someone else twrite their essays for them. . It means that even if your student is majoring in math, science or engineering she must dwell on the A Essay. · It means that your student might not get intthe college of his choice if after reading his essay they don't think he'll dwell on college essay exams. · It means your student must dwell on this portion of the test tmaximize her chances of getting intmany top schools. ow can my student dwell on the A Essay? As I define it, doing well on the A Essay involves succeeding in doing twthings at once: 1. Writing an essay that will score well 2. Writing an essay that will impress college admissions officers For your student tscore well she needs tlearn the five characteristics that all high-scoring essays have in common and develop the skills tput these inther writing in under 25 minutes and during the pressure of test day. econd, your student must write an essay that shows how insightful and intelligent he is sthat admissions officers are impressed by the quality of the writing. learn what it takes twrite a great essay I recommend the following resources: he fficial Guide tthe New A published by the College Board and available on their web site College Board his site has several examples of essays graded by College Board graders which can give you a good sense of what it takes tget a high score. econd, I recommend the website Rocket Review which has a computerized program thelp you grade several essay topics available there. hird, I recommend my e-book "ow tWrite Fast and Effectively for the New A" which teaches the 6 steps tsuccess on the A Essay, includes dozens of classroom tested exercises and many examples of real high scoring essays. Rodney Daut is a California Credentialed teacher with over five years of experience teaching high school history and writing. e has alstaught A Prep Courses and helped many students dramatically increase their A Essay scores and is th If you're planning ttake the GED est soon, it's essential tunderstand the essay section since many test candidates find it one of the most difficult aspects of the language arts exam. Understanding what this part of the GED test expects -- and how it's scored -- is an excellent way treduce difficulty, test anxiety and improve scoring. he GED, the common term for the General Education Development credential, is the adult's alternative ta high school diploma. he GED credential is awarded after passing tests in science, social studies, math, and reading and writing, or language arts. Most of the GED test is multiple-choice. But part of the language arts writing test requires the candidate twrite an original essay, based on a provided prompt. he essay will need tmake an explanation or present a point of view. wpages are provided for the essay, but there's nrequirement that all the space be used. till, at least 200 words are recommended. iming for the test is flexible. A total of 120 minutes is allowed for both parts of this language arts exam, with 75 minutes slotted for the 50 questions in part one and 45 minutes slotted for the essay test. owever, GED candidates whfinish the first part in less time can devote the remaining time tthe second part. r, if more time is needed for the first section and less for the second, a candidate may use remaining time from the essay and return tthe multiple-choice section of the writing test. he essay is scored on a 4-point scale, and scored by twtrained GED essay readers. he twGED readers' scores are averaged. If the essay receives a score of 2 or higher, the essay score is combined with the language arts multiple-choice score tform a composite. If a GED candidate receives a score of 1 or 1.5 on the essay, there's ncomposite score, and the candidate must retake both the essay and multiple-choice portion of the test. GED Essay readers may not be more than one point apart in their scoring. In those cases where the readers are more than one point apart, the chief reader for the GED scoring site will set the score by agreeing with the reader whose score follows the GED esting ervice scale. Individual essay scores are not reported, but the score accounts for 35 percent of this portion of the language arts test. Essay scoring is based on five areas, and measures the overall impression of the essay: 1. Does the paper respond tthe assigned prompt--did the candidate use the topic on the test, and remain on-topic? 2. Can the reader see or follow an organized plan for development? 3. Are there specific and relevant details tsupport the paper's focus? 4. Are the conventions of language (grammar, usage, and mechanics) generally followed? 5. Is the word choice precise, varied, and appropriate? ere's a good way tunderstand these five requirements. he essay is scored on organization, essay focus tthe prompt and how well the ideas are developed and supported. he essay is alsscored on appropriate English mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, along with word choice and sentence structure. owever, the most important measure is organization, focus tthe main prompt, and idea development. Prompts differ from test ttest, cover topics of general interest and are not released in advance of the test. But here's an example of a prompt: 'What is your most important reason for obtaining the GED credential? ow dyou think it will help you achieve a goal in the next year? In your essay, identify your most important reason for obtaining the GED and the single most important goal you plan tachieve with it. Explain your point of view and support your goal, using your own experience, background and knowledge tsupport your essay.' o, what's the best way tprepare for the essay test? Practice! best prepare, practice writing two-page essays in the 45-minute time period. Ask for critique and guidance tdetermine how well your essays are organized, focus on a particular subject and explore ideas that support your main topic. You'll alswant tknow that your grammar and use of English mechanics are sound. he American Council on Education, the administrative agency for the GED, provides free information about testing, official test sites, GED scores, example test questions and GED transcripts. Many students often struggle in selecting a topic for their post college admission essays, including MBA essays (or graduate school admission essay) as part of the requirements in gaining admission ta school of their cho
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